2023 UMDrumline Video Audition

***2023 Auditions information will be available March 15th!***

Prospective new drumline members must submit a “prescreen” video which allows you to participate in the UMDrumline Placement Audition on Saturday, August 19th. All audition videos must be received by July 1st. Please follow the guidelines below.

Video Requirements:
● Please state your name and what high school you attended at the beginning of the video, and declare the section for which you would like to audition (i.e. snare, tenor, bass, cymbals)
● Each exercise should be recorded separately with an audible metronome in the background - the best way to do this is to make a YouTube Playlist so all videos are included in one link (make sure to set the video publish audience as "unlisted")
● Include your full body in frame and mark time throughout
● Exercises can be performed on either a practice pad or actual drum if available (for tenors use a tenor-specific practice pad)
● If you’re auditioning on bass drum or cymbals, please use a practice pad playing matched grip and play the snare drum part

Audition Excerpts:

Use the buttons below to access the audition music and submit your audition form. Questions? Email Jeremy Maytum, UMDrumline Director - jcmaytum@umd.edu.